The Charles Rudibaugh Advantage
Get Coaching. Grow Your Network Marketing Business. Get Results.
The Charles Rudibaugh Advantage
Get Coaching. Grow Your Network Marketing Business. Get Results.

Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

From professional athletes to world leaders, they share a powerful thing in common. They all have coaches to help them grow and create their next break through. Network Marketing is no different. With the RIGHT coach, who is genuinely invested in your personal and professional growth, you will gain the ability to scale your success, scale your business, and scale your impact. 

So whether you are looking for a new MLM opportunity, or you are just getting started, or already experienced, or a seasoned professional but serious about growing your network marketing business and hitting your 6 or 7 figure benchmark, you are in the right place! If you have the desire to reach your peak potential and achieve results, then coaching is for you.

Who Is The Charles Rudibaugh Coaching Services For?

You're feeling stuck in the wrong company or are seeking for an MLM opportunity that is the RIGHT fit for you. You know that there are millions of people out there making money in this industry of network marketing, but you're not sure where to start or how to pick and evaluate a company that will generate the results you are looking for. Our Coaching Call Card services will help you identify and find your dream company that matches your purpose, passion, and personality. 
You've just started your network marketing business or been in the industry for a while feeling stuck, but you are committed to growing your business and getting the results you've been looking for. You know that for your business to be successful, you need to have an action plan and accountability that are laser focused on achieving your goals. Our Accountability Call services are designed to help you get on the right track to success.

You're tired of doing things your own way and getting the same results over and over, that's why you are looking for a mentor to introduce your prospects to and increase your conversions. You know that in order to build your business, you need a mentor with the track record to help you build the trust and buy-in for your prospects to seal the deal. Our 3 Way Call services with Charles Rudibaugh is a game changer for building your business. 

"Charles Rudibaugh is a Network Marketing Legend"
Shelly Garafalo
"I got my dream-car paid for all because of Charles' Mentorship"
Drew Dohn
"I made 6 figures in my 1st year in MLM by working consistently with Charles." 
Grant Culton

Coaching Packages

I created these 1:1 Custom Coaching Packages to meet you where you are in your journey and guide you toward the success you crave and where you want to be in your business and life. When you purchase my time, you get the best I have to offer. We will coordinate phone or online video chat time, so it’s convenient for our schedules and you will be my highest priority!  

So if you're ready and committed, don't just stroll toward your goals when coaching will get you there, faster, smarter, and wealthier.

Coaching Call Card

Use this time as needed in any way you would like, in small intervals or all at once, It’s yours. Good leaders ask great questions, so if you want to pick my brain, you can ask me anything you’d like and I’ll pour into you. 

Whether you already are in a company, or you have one in mind but want my objective expert opinion, or simply want to finally find the company that's the right fit for you – you are in the right place. 

This Coaching Calling Card is great for ANY of these types of questions:
  • ​Looking to evaluate and find the RIGHT company for your personality and passion?
  • ​Are you feeling stuck and looking for a break through?
  • ​Want to get clear on your goals?
  • ​Want to find out what's holding you back?
  • ​​Want to find blindspots and clear road blocks that are slowing you down in your business?
  • ​​Need help moving in the right direction?
  • ​​​Looking for tips on how to optimize and prioritize your time?
  • ​​Want to get tools and tactics on how to be productive and generate more leads?
  • ​​​Want to know how you can identify up-and-coming potential leadership in your downline to grow your business faster?
  • ​​And anything else you can think of . . . The time is yours! 

Coaching Call Card

 Coaching Call Card PRO 

Accountability Calls

Use this time to set goals, develop the right plan of action, assess your progress, and accelerate your success. As your Accountability Coach, I will help you dig deep to help you figure out what you really want out of your business—and exactly how to get it. 

These will be 30min calls held weekly for the duration of your package. 

What we will accomplish on these calls:

1) We’ll talk about your goals and what’s coming up for you in your business.

2) We will create a realistic plan that you're excited about implementing and following through.

3) I will share tips and tools that will help you be brutally honest with yourself in service of increasing your production, team growth, income, and leadership development. 

4) I'll show you how to track your numbers, set weekly goals, and help you adjust them according to production, events, and circumstances. 

5) I’ll guide you in a way that allows us to see exactly where you’re being held back and why, and we’ll move you toward a place of clarity, focus and action. 

6) And Much More!
And remember . . . finding the key to scaling your success and business could be one accountability call away!

Accountability Calls

Accountability Calls PRO

3 Way Calls 

  • Do you want to increase your conversion rates on 3 way calls with the right mentor?
  • ​Need an industry expert to introduce your prospects to over the phone so you can complete the trust triangle? 
  • ​Want to have an expert on the other end of the line edifying you and singing your praises, so you don’t have to pound on your chest telling people why they should join your company and work with you? 
Introduce your prospects to your MLM Mentor – yours truly, and I will help you get their buy into your company and the industry of network marketing as a whole. 

I will not hard close, sell or convince. I will  prime your prospects so that they are pumped and ready to go through the next step of the recruiting process with you. 

When you choose this package:

1) you will get a powerful video training that will show you how to set up a successful 3way call between you, your prospect, and I. 

2) you will receive a FREE 30min strategy call where I get to know you and your company better. 

3) you get my calendar available to you so you can schedule your prospects in the time slots available and you become my priority!

Remember, your next recruit could be one 3-way call away. 

3 Way Calls 

3 Way Calls PRO 
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